Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

Capital Merchant Bank Code of Ethics

This is the fiduciary commitment that CAPITAL MERCHANT BANK offers to its clients. More than Just a simple set of rules and procedures it is the ethic that the rules our company.


Administrating assets aiming the exclusive clients' beneficial interest.


Adopting the same relationship standards to all our clients


Supply precise timely information about facts or events related to the relationship client/Capital Merchant Bank


We Keep the client's assets segregated and distinct from CMB's assets always avoiding conflicts of interest.

Our Activity

The Merchant Bank Classic has been defined as a "European Financial Institution," which engages in "Investment Banking, Advisory, Consulting and Mergers & Acquisitions. The Brazilian variant is not a bank. In fact, Brazil does not have "Merchant Banks", but entities such as the Capital Merchant Bank, which are involved in the activity of Merchant Banking. Merchant Banking is the process of acting as manager and / or agent of Project Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, and / or advise to clients on "structuring" or funding necessary for its project and / or assisting them in their negotiations to achieve of a project. Since early 1980, the activity of Merchant Banking has been identified largely with operations such as "Leverage buy-out" and transactions related to financing of "Junk Bonds", together with several major investment banks and companies specialized in operations of "Leverage buy- out" that dominated the activity of Mega operations (generally over $ 500 million).

Inevitably, the model of Merchant Banking exemplified by the "Major Players" became emulated, albeit on a smaller scale here. Experienced bankers with many years of militancy in banks, started its activities by forming "Merchant Banking Boutique" based on their experience and excellent network of contacts. In fact, a "Good" Merchant Banker has been understood as one that combines experience and contacts, be they professionals or politicians. The combination of these contacts with the Group's equity and creativity in structuring deals is the most important marketing tool to give the customer / manager of any project, access to the money needed to accomplish a project.
When committing its own resources, CMB is not acting as a broker, but as the principal - who, along with their contacts, has the ability to bring to the table the necessary funds to perform or secure virtually any type of project phase.