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Escrow Account

An Escrow account is used to facilitate buying and selling operations, to reduce the performance risk for both parties involved, and guarantee the implementation of contractual financial responsibities between the parties. Escrow accounts may be opened by Corporate Entities as well as by individuals.
In order to open the Escrow account, we will prepare a three parties agreement which should be signed between the buyer, the Seller and Capital Merchant Bank. In accordance with the signed agreement the Escrow account is opened, the Buyer transfers the amount of funds mentioned in the agreement as well as the payment for opening of the Escrow account in accordance with CMB's service rates.
Both the Buyer and the Seller are protected under Escrow Agreement because:
The Seller by delivering the goods or services defined in the contract will receive from the buyer the agreed sum of money which has previously been deposited and reserved to fulfill the payament.
The Buyer will make the payments to the Seller only after the Seller has delivered the goods or services agreed to in the contract as verified by the bank according to documentary evidence described in the contract.
The intermediation fees of the bank vary according to the complexity and size of the trasactions.


CAPITAL MERCHANT BANK will accept registration of transactions between two or more counterparties.
The beginning and registration of the transactions and the subsequent access to our system will be allowed only after the respective documents have been inspected and considered in good order.
The proposed transactions will be accepted only after the assets being traded have been deposited, verified and available in seller’s account. After this, access keys will be necessary to access specific screens and negotiation. The closing can be done “on the screen” but will require both counterparties (Seller and Buyer) to execute the closing.
The transaction will be cleared only after the buyer and seller are satisfied as to the terms, conditions and payment.
The transactions are to be conducted under a “Delivery Versus Payment” mode.